Dry, chapped hands? Try Indigo hand creams!

Nail stylists know very well how important hand care is and that choosing the right type of cosmetic is crucial. Indigo hand creams are a unique combination of nourishing properties of 9 active ingredients and sensual scents. Just like body lotions, hand creams by our brand provide comprehensive care for dry skin. They have a moisturising and regenerating effect, smooth out skin colour, make the skin soft, smooth and elastic. Indigo is the first brand on the market to create a product with these many active ingredients which guarantee unmatched effectiveness. Are you looking for creams which will nourish your hands and leave them silky smooth and beautifully scented? Indigo hand creams are your final stop in this journey!

Why should you choose our creams?

Indigo hand creams owe their amazing aroma to the scent notes from the best Indigo perfume lines and to seasonal compositions and holiday spice mixes. Even though hand creams have a thicker consistency than body lotions they spread out well and absorb into the skin quickly and soothe the skin almost immediately. Let your beautiful, neat and smooth hands be your signature look!

Indigo hand cream - ingredients and effects

  • Shea Butter - a rich source of vitamin A and E which are responsible for delaying the effects of the ageing and free radicals. Moisturises deeply and improves the elasticity of the skin. It has regenerative and nourishing properties which speed up the healing process. Shea butter effectively protects the skin from harmful exterior factors, soothes irritation and has a natural SPF.
  • Cocoa nibs butter - stimulates collagen production and supplements the vitamin deficiencies in the skin. It contains the oleic acid which moisturises and regenerates the skin. Thanks to the abundance of antioxidants it delays the process of ageing. It prevents the harmful effects of free radicals. Protects the skin from dryness and UV radiation.
  • Sweet almond oil - appreciated mainly for the moisturising properties. It's a perfect remedy for wrinkles. It delays the ageing process and it firms, smoothes and makes the skin flexible. It has the power to soothe irritation, strengthen nails and nourishes and regenerates the skin.
  • Beeswax - it has wonderful nourishing properties, stimulates skin cells to produce collagen. It softens the skin and makes it flexible and moisturised. Protects the sink from drying and soothes irritation.
  • Vitamin E - known also as a "vitamin of youth, it fights the "free radicals" and delays the age marks on the skin. Vitamin has strong nourishing and rejuvenating properties and is a great moisturiser.
  • Allantoin - it has soothing properties and helps the skin to heal by stimulating skin cells production.
  • Soy oil - it contains vitamin E and is a strong antioxidant which protects the skin from dryness and oxidative stress caused by free radicals which means it combats the process of ageing and soothes any inflammation.
  • Gliceryn - it has a positive impact on moisture levels in the skin but also makes it smooth and flexible. It protects from harmful exposure to elements and has anti-inflammatory properties. It speeds up the process of regeneration, softens, and soothes the skin. It helps in transporting the nourishing substances deep into the epidermis.
  • Sodium hyaluronate - provides long-lasting hydration, enhances the penetration of active ingredients through the horny layer of the skin. It smoothens and softens the skin but also makes the skin firm and elastic and combats the "free radicals".

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